Why can’t I find my podcast in PodLink?
PodLink uses the iTunes API to automatically index every podcast in the iTunes directory. If your show is not in iTunes, it will not show up in PodLink search results. If your show is new, just give it some time. Your podcast will appear in PodLink as soon as iTunes starts listing your show in their search results.

How do I create a page on PodLink for my podcast?
As long as your show is in iTunes, it will appear in PodLink. If your podcast is new, it will appear in the PodLink search results as soon as iTunes starts listing your show in their search results.

I don’t see links for SoundCloud, Bookmate, Deezer, etc. Will you be adding other podcasting app links?
PodLink is focused on supporting podcast platforms with a significant market share of listeners and links that work on all web platforms. Unfortunately, this means PodLink may not provide links for all podcasting apps on the market.

My podcast is available on Stitcher. How do I get a Stitcher link for my PodLink page?
Stitcher does not have a public API to automatically include their show links. You can include your Stitcher link by subscribing to PodLink Premium.

What is PodLink Premium?
PodLink Premium allows you to create a vanity URL for your show, include a Stitcher badge, and an ad-free page. More features are coming soon for PodLink Premium customers!

How much does PodLink cost?
PodLink is a free service. PodLink Premium, which allows you to create a custom URL for your PodLink page and add links to Spotify and Stitcher, is $10 per year.

How do I get a custom PodLink URL?
By clicking on "PodLink Premium" at the bottom of your PodLink page, you can sign up for a PodLink Premium account and create a personalized URL for your podcast.

Are analytics provided with PodLink Premium?
We’re working hard to get this feature up and running!

How do I get a “Support this show” link to my Patreon on my PodLink page?
PodLink displays a “Support this show” link for any podcast with Patreon links included in their show notes, which is the convention supported by apps like Overcast. Follow the steps at overcast.fm/podcasterinfo to add your Patreon link to your show notes.

If I use the PodLink URL, is PodLink rehosting my podcast?
PodLink does not cache or rehost any audio, images, or other assets for your podcast. PodLink uses the iTunes API to fetch most of the information related to your podcast.