PodLink now offers episode-level pages for all podcasts, with a new audio player and deep linking into Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify from the PodLink episode-level page. With this update, PodLink also enables visitors to listen to share episodes directly with friends and followers via episode-level device-aware links. Episode pages continue to offer the same podcasting app badges as a podcast's show-level page, keeping new subscribers only a single click away.

PodLink's new episode pages can be found on the newly refreshed show-level pages, which provide access to the entire back catalog of a show (as long as your catalog is less than 300 episodes, the limit imposed by Apple Podcasts' API). Visitors can now sample more than your latest episode and can easily share their old favorites with new friends.

PodLink also introduces an updated audio player for both mobile and desktop devices. Start listening to a new episode on a podcast's show-level page, and PodLink's floating audio player will keep playing as you navigate to episode-level pages or explore other shows. The audio player will maintain your position as you move from page to page—even if you leave PodLink and return. PodLink's audio player now enables listeners to engage with new episodes of shows they already love and support, while making it even easier for them to share the love.

To grow your audience, PodLink also offers device-aware episode-level links. By appending  /listen to the end of an episode's URL, visitors on iOS will be sent to that episode on Apple Podcasts, visitors on Android will be sent to that episode on Google Podcasts, and visitors on desktop will be sent to your new PodLink episode pages.